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I’ve been doing my head in today trying to get my facebook music page to talk to my blog .. and I THINK I might just have sorted it .. it’s taken me all day! And I’m not entirely sure exactly HOW I did it.

Vladimír Mišík (official site)

A few photos from our couple of gigs away in Moravia – fun was had 😀

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I’m playing James Joyce tomorrow night!

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Photos from Jamie Marshall's post

Photos from Nový Jičín from last night and this morning. Great gig. Lovely audience

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Fleetwood Mac Fires Lindsey Buckingham

“Two weeks ago, I received a wonderful invitation to be a part of a truly great band,” Finn tells Rolling Stone in a statement. “A few days later,..

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photo by Norbi Kovacs .. backstage at the Adalbertinum in Hradec Kralove, Ink by the very talented Ivan Stankov at Skinlab Prague “Ne všichni..

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Seven year itch?

Today after 7 years, V?ra Martinová and I ended our musical collaboration together. Radek left her band last week.
The Amplified Acoustic Band is now my main concern, but I would be happy to hear from any of my Czech muso friends, if they have projects they would like me to work on .. or even gigs to do.
Thank you for the good times

The Last Hurrah – Half Moon Putney 26th October 2014

it’s been a blast … all of it. I have been around the Half Moon for more than 30 years, as a punter seeing the likes of Morrissey Mullen, Flaco Jimenez, The Home Service, Maria Muldaur and most recently Richard and Danny Thompson, and also as a muso.
My wife Zoe and I had our first hug and kiss at the Half Moon, and we returned to the Moon to celebrate the anniversary of that hug … and I even got to play there … lots.

Many of the musicians and friends who I have met through the Half Moon are still in my life .. some have become like family to me. I will always be grateful for having met them

Times change and people move on .. and so it is with music. This next gig at the Half Moon will be my last for a while, maybe my last ever. I don’t plan to play there regularly again.

So huge thanks to ALL of you .. hopefully in the future I will return to do a one-off CD launch gig .. but right now, that’s it.

There will be a support .. 3/4 of my band in Prague (the Amplified Acoustic Band) will give you an insight to where I am now and what I’m doing musically.

Here’s a link to buy tickets

I have created an event listing on the book of face if you have access to said social media time bandit

I hope you can make it but if for one reason or another you can’t, I hope we stay in touch.

Thanks for all the good times
Lots of love
Jamie xx

Music – the universal language

I saw this image on a friends facebook wall and was struck by it’s very simple truth.

I can remember as a teenager meeting a girl who was a similar age to me (I think I was 17) in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh .. she was Hungarian and spoke almost no English but she played the recorder
We played music together for about an hour, some songs we both knew Beatles, Dylan that kind of thing, and some we improvised on the spot.

Music is THE universal language



kicking serious arse .. my band and I at The Half Moon in Putney AGES ago .. playing “The Man That I Am” prefaced with me wittering on about buying the CD .. so maybe 1990 (ish)
Bass Guitar -Jon Davie, Electric Guitar – the late Grahame White RIP, Drums – Geoff “Mr Time” Hemsley.
Thanks to John Richard for uploading this and the other clips

new gig for me in M&#283lník 22.08.2014

V pátek 22.8.2014 od 20:00 Závěrečné překvapení – Jamie Marshall – akustická kytara, bluesový zpěvák – učinkující na bluesovém festivalu Blues Alive Šumperk 14.-16.112014

Bar Dira – Náměstí Míru 9/8 my first ever gig here Telefon 315 624 700

THIS Friday August 22nd AT 8PM … hope to see some of you there