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For 20 years, I was part of London's live music scene, gigging at venues as varied as
the Royal Festival Hall, the Twelve Bar Club, and the London Transport Museum.

Nationally, I've appeared on UK radio (Radio 1, Radio 2, and Radio 5) and television
(BBC 1, BBC 2, Channel 4, and Sky TV). At a local level, I have been the featured
live music guest on numerous local radio stations including; BBC GLR,
BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio Newcastle.

In October 2001, I was the guest of media iconoclast and all-round geezer
Big George on his BBC Three Counties Radio show The Sound of Music.
Clips from the hour-long show are featured on my Audio page.

Outside of performing, I've written music for television, including the theme tune for
the BBC comedy "A Prince Among Men", and for a touring comedy show featuring
Chris Barrie
(Star of BBC TVs Red Dwarf and the Tomb Raider films).

I'm now based in Prague in the Czech Republic.
I needed a change of scene and I'd visited this beautiful city on a number of previous occasions and always loved it ... so here I am .. in an apartment close to Wenceslas Square .. the very heart of Prague.

I have a number of residencies in the city, including U Maleho Glena, Karmelitska 23, Mala Strana, on Wednesdays where I perform with the Amplified Acoustic Band

My 8 year stint with Vera Martinova, came a very abrupt end in November 2014.
Basically after Radek left, she sacked the whole band .. including her husband and her sister who was also her booking agent .. for reasons that I'd prefer not to divulge here ;-) see me at a gig, buy me a beer, and who knows what I'd be prepared to say !

See my News page for regular updates on what I've been doing.

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Ceská verze   Czech

In 1991, my band and I toured the UK with Don McLean (not the unfunny Brummie comedian and one-time host of BBC TVs Crackerjack, but Mr "American Pie" himself).
The tour culminated in us recording and performing a special 4-minute version of Don's hit "American Pie" on Europe's top-rated music TV show Top of the Pops.

Here's a clip of the show which I took from the youtube site ... the quality is a bit iffy ... but not as iffy as the shirt I'm wearing!

I've also worked with Paul Young and Los Pacaminos, Glenn Tilbrook, 2008 Oscar winner Glen Hansard, Thomas Dolby,
British blues legend Long John Baldry, Clive Gregson, Reg Presley from The Troggs (once .... live on Radio 5 where we had a comedy exchange regarding the key of "Wild Thing"!!) Hugh Cornwell and Ed Alleyne-Johnson, though I didn't always keep such respected company.

My first professional gig came via the back pages of Melody Maker. I was phoned by a bloke called Johnny Carroll - an Elvis impersonator from Thornton Heath (near Croydon, Sarf London .. not very pleasant..), who specialised in the Elvis "Vegas" era. Unlike Elvis, who was always a big bloke, Johnny was 5'7" and a weasly ex-squaddie, who used to revel in showing us "candid" shots he'd taken of his Danish wife. This was mostly done at the dinner table, when she was present. What a charmer.

We were going to be huge in Denmark, but what actually happened was we lived out of the back of a van, ate boiled potatoes and cornflakes, got very pissed on Elephant beer, and rehearsed on a pig farm - wonderful smell!
I believe it's called "paying your dues".

I used to front the band for the first half of the show, and we'd play Police and Pretenders covers, then Johnny came on to the overblown strains of "Fanfare for the Common Man" and went down like a lead balloon - maybe it was the stick-on sideburns or the crap Karate.
Naah ... truth be told, he was a no talent bullshitter who thought he was the great man reincarnate. He couldn't handle the fact that the kids liked us and not him, and I was sacked after 10 days. A blessing really .. thank goodness for Visa who got me home .. skint but having lost my pro-virginity.

I wonder (though not very often, or for very long) where he is now and what he's doing.
What's Danish for "would you like fries with your Burger .. sir"

My current album, HereAfter is available on CD. For more details of this and previous recordings, see the Recordings page.

Jamie Marshall
Jamie Marshall

On Top of the Pops with Don McLean:

Dave Stubbs, bass guitar and sunglasses
Grahame White, lead guitar, beard and very sadly missed
Andy Ebsworth, drums and pony tail
JM, rhythm guitar and dodgy shirt - note the guitar lead even though
we were miming!
Simon Callow, keyboards and jazz cigarettes

ps Don hated the gtr - he thought I was trying to upstage him .. which OF COURSE I was