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Just Enough Of A Moon 1.36 Mb Jamie Marshall

Co-written with Mojo magazine journalist Johnny Black.
It features the Fairground Attraction rhythm section, Roy Dodds (Drums) and Simon Edwards (Bass),
and is produced by Dave Dix. It's got Horns, Percussion. Hammond Organ .. the lot ..
The Mavericks play Brown Eyed Girl .. is how I saw the song.

I had very high hopes for back in the day .. I even employed a plugger to try to get it played on BBC Radio 2 (Terry Wogans show ..
if you must know !) .. but despite the pluggers continual reassurances about it being "in Terrys' box to play today".. I listened to Wogan for a whole week .. every damned minute of his show for 5 days .. 10 hours of my life ... and NOTHING except me being £1000 worse off .. thankfully the money for this came via an Uncle who had had a big win on the horses so it was a bit easier to swallow. But I'd have loved the radio plays for sure :)

Big George inteview

This is my BBC Three Counties Radio interview with media iconoclast and diamond geezer, the late Big George Webley
For ease of download, it's divided into four parts:
All the tracks feature just me and acoustic guitar, and were recorded live using one microphone

Track Size
The Question Why 2.34 Mb Jamie Marshall also in player above
Troubletown 1.18 Mb Jamie Marshall
Trust Me 2.04 Mb Jamie Marshall
Good News From The World Outside 1.07 Mb Jamie Marshall

Clips from HereAfter and Before I Was Famous
Track Size
The Question Why (HereAfter) 1.57 Mb Jamie Marshall
Troubletown (Before I Was Famous) 1.44 Mb Jamie Marshall
Stir My Soul (Before I Was Famous) 2.29 Mb Jamie Marshall also in player above
Until I Hear It From You (Before I Was Famous) 2.14 Mb Jamie Marshall